Monday, 21 March 2016

Some Inspiring Thoughts

Hello all. I just came across some very nice sayings and epigrams in "Sanskrit"(an Indian language) and so just thought to share their meaning.
I couldn't write the sayings in Sanskrit but i am writing its translation and its meaning...

1)  A saying told by good men with ease is written on stone. Even the oath taken by an evil men is like a letter written on water.


Anything told by good men even casually is so effective and valuable that it is worthy to be engraved on a stone so that it remains permanently. But an oath even taken by an evil person is so false and temporary that is can be compared to a letter written on water(so temporary). Thus by this saying the poet is trying to tell us the value of saying of a good and an evil person.

2)  As a big stone is placed on a mountain with great effort, within a moment it is made to fall down. Similarly soul in matter of virtues and vices. One finds it difficult to rise up to acquire virtues but easy to fall down to be acquainted with vices.


In this verse the poet is saying that as a stone is place on a mountain with great effort, similarly within seconds it is made to fall from the mountain. Making it fall down is much much easy compared to taking it up. Similarly for a soul, to go towards the path of goodness is very difficult but falling in the wrong path is very easy. Ex. if a person wants to become a good men who is very kind and without any evil intention then it will take a considerable time and even strong will power. But if the same person wants to become a evil one then it will not at all take time or will power. It will be very easy for him/her.Thus this is the message given by the poet.Constant efforts should be done to become a good men and to make our lives meaningful. 

3) As gold is tested in 4 ways-by rubbing,cutting,heating and striking, similarly a man is also tested by 4 ways-by knowledge, action, character and qualities.


In this verse the poet is describing the tests by which gold and a man can be examined. The gold is tested of its purity in 4 ways-by rubbing on stone,cutting,heating it in fire and by striking it. By these tests only the purity of gold is tested and it is made beautiful. Similarly a man is also tested by 4 ways for this purity of soul and character-by his/her knowledge,character,skills/qualities and actions. Thus these are the measures to check the purity of gold and a human being.

4) With the change of time whatever is learnt is lost.The trees having strong roots fall down and water existing in reservoirs dry up. Whatever is offered as an oblation in fire and whatever is given remains as it is for ever.


By this verse the poet is trying to tell us the changes that time can cause.Time is such a thing that it can change even the most hardest or toughest thing. But there is a limitation also. Time cannot change the thing that is offered as oblation in fire during a ritual and the thing that is donated to others by us. This was said by Karna(a character of Mahabharata who donated his divine earrings and arms to an other person) to his charioteer Shalya who prevented Karna to donate his things. By this verse we get to know the importance of donation to others and oblation in fire during a ritual.

5) Indeed happiness looks good after having experienced sorrow like a sight of a lamp in thick darkness.A man who becomes poor after happiness lives like a dead having a body.


It is a universal truth that 'happiness is indeed more appreciated when it comes after sorrow'. It is like a sight of a lamp in the thick darkness. In happiness man forgets all the sorrows of the past and even if he remembers them then they do not affect his present happiness. On the other hand if a man after experiencing happiness becomes poor then then he remembers his prosperity in the past. This memory adds to his sorrows. Due to good past but bad present he always feels like a dead. Thus we should always try to be balanced in happiness as well as in sorrow.

6) A good person engrossed in doing good to others does not bear enmity even at the time of destruction. A sandal tree when cut makes the edge of an axe fragrant.


A really good person is naturally inclined in doing good to others.He is selfless in the sense that his being good is not dependent on how others behave with him. This is supported by an example- A sandal wood tree makes the edge of an axe fragrant even when it is cut. A person who is good to those who are bent on destroying him is the rarest human being and goodness can never be arrested from him.

 These sayings have deeply affected my life and I am strongly trying to implement these in my life.
I hope you must have liked it.

Stay updated..!   

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