Saturday, 2 April 2016


Today I have come up with a topic called MEDITATION. Meditation is the state of complete thoughtlessness of the mind. In simple it is the process of stopping our minds completely from generating thoughts and thus relaxing it.

Benefits Of Meditation :
  • Mind always stays to positive thoughts and far from negative ones and thus sorrow also decreases slowly.These positive thoughts make you happy.
  • The negativity becomes less and its effects on life also decreases.
  • The mind only looks at the goodness of other person and always tries to seek happiness.
  • A person gets the strength to face difficulties,people and situations by practicing it regularly.
  • Practicing it generates radiant energy in one.
  • Your aura becomes clean and meditation prevents the entry of bacteria or virus is ones body.
  • Practicing it will improve ones remembering power.
There are numerous benefits of meditation. Practicing it is really an art.

Guidance For Meditation :
  • Prefer doing it in the morning after bathing, because bathing makes one peaceful and improves blood circulation.
  • The best time of meditation is the time between 3:30 AM to 10:00 PM.
  • Time duration of meditation is not fixed, but 15-30 is enough for making mind calm. Ones who can do more should not stop and continue it.(In ancient India the saints did meditation for years together by sitting at one place without food and in every weather, and thus they attained eternal peace.)
Some Facts And Reason :
  • Meditation should be done only between 3:30 AM to 10:00 PM because after 10:00 PM the dissatisfied souls wander in the atmosphere. Thus you should not do meditation in this time period as to save yourself from their evil effects.
  • During meditation do not worry if your hands and legs get a little warm or you feel a tingling effect. This is a sign of negative energy going out of your body.
  • After some time of regular meditation when all the negative energies of your body drain out, you will feel cool waves coming out of your hands and feet. This will be a good sign of entry of positive energy in your body.(All this will not happen in a sudden. It will take considerable time even after doing regular meditation.)
So, these are some meditation facts that will, I hope inspire you all to start meditating as it inspired me.

And....Remember that all this will not happen in a day or two. Firstly you will not even be able to meditate as it needs much concentration. As you close your eyes, your mind will surely take you to cinema,your problems,food etc every dam thing, but slowly and steadily you will overcome all this.

Before starting meditation it is very important to learn it. There are different ways and means so you can just learn one from a meditation teacher or even the internet.      


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