Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Outwitting Boredom

Children's boredom is a very grave problem. As the children's vacations start,initially the children are very exited and roam about the house or veranda celebrating their vacations but then as the vacation proceeds, it leaves the children in a problem called 'BOREDOM'.

Here I am sharing some activities that children as well as adults can do:

1) Learn New Things:
It is said that learning needs no age. Always try to learn and search new things. Doing this will drastically improve your confidence and it is also a nice pass time. You can gain extra talent. You can learn any dam thing like a new language, mobile repairing, cooking, meditation, yoga, games etc. There are innumerable such things.

2) Join New Classes:
Vacation is the time to join extra classes than regular tuition classes. I have just joined a yoga class that has brought immense benefits in me. Make children join various classes in which they learn new things and that they can make new friends.

3) Carry Out Good Deeds:
Carrying out good deeds is the activity that should be done every single day. Make your child feed cows, dogs,cats etc that wander about the roads or streets. In India, this is a very auspicious deed that earns you blessings(punya). Do donation to needy and poor people. This activity will teach the children to share.Doing good deeds is the most most important activity that a human should include in his/her life. Carry out one good deed at least,everyday.Children will feel good after doing such things.

4) Improve Your Skills:
 Improving ones skills is a nice option to boredom. Suppose, improve your English or any other language. Like I know English very well but to improve it, I read the Newspaper everyday, underline the words that I don't know and then I search their meanings. This has helped me a lot increase my vocabulary. You can do many such similar things like improve cooking,reading,languages,speaking etc. This will help children improve.

5) Come out of the house:
You should always come out of your house when you are getting bored. This will benefit you. It will be a relaxation to your eyes and the body. You will feel fresh and your boredom will vanish on seeing the surroundings and the people.

6) Draw Or Make Some Craft:
It is very nice to do some drawing or sketching in the vacations. You could even make some nice craft.Do some coloring and just stay lite. 

There are many of things that one can do when he/she is bored. Yet, nothing can completely outwit the problem of boredom :p

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